Fire Risk Assessment

Insolvency Practitioners and LPA Receivers have to consider numerous issues after they are appointed.


One of these is that they become “the responsible person” for the management of fire safety under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.


As part of the duty of care “the responsible person” needs to:


  • Ensure a Fire Risk Assessment of the premises has been undertaken and regularly reviewed
  • Notify stakeholders about the risks you’ve identified
  • Implement and maintain appropriate fire safety measures to mitigate these risks
  • Plan for an emergency
  • Provide information, fire safety instruction and training


If you have any concerns about your role as “the responsible person” IRS will undertake a Fire Risk Assessment on your behalf freeing you to focus on other aspects of the appointment. The costs associated are fixed regardless of the time taken to undertake the assessment and produce the relevant report.


The report prioritises our findings allowing you to deal with any actual or potential problems, as quickly as possible.


If this is of interest to you and you would like more information or to discuss further then please contact your local Account Manager/Executive.