Health & Safety


The responsibility for the management of Health & Safety is a key issue for Insolvency Practitioners and Property Receivers, particularly on trading appointments or where they are in control of a large property.


IRS recognises that there is inconsistency in the approach to this subject, particularly in areas of best practice and compliance.


We work closely with specialist external Health & Safety professionals to deliver solutions that support our clients.


We can arrange for remote or on-site advice such as day one checklists and or compliance audit surveys. The surveys highlight areas of non-compliance, what the implications of that non-compliance are and proposed solutions to their on-going management.



Online Health and Safety Services


We work in partnership with Quest who specialise in business compliance services that include Health and Safety. Based in the East Midlands they employ specialist consultants who are able to provide remote advice on Health and Safety matters. Remote advice provides an overview to Health and Safety, which can be used in conjunction with on-site services that can be arranged by IRS.



Health and Safety Healthcheck


By clicking the link below you will be able to download our Health and Safety Healthcheck. Once the assessment is complete, please return to H& and you will be provided with a summary of any further action required. This service is free of charge.


Following a completed Health and Safety Healthcheck, if there is a requirement for an on-site Audit to be undertaken then this can be arranged for an agreed fee.

Begin Health & Safety Survey



H&S Document Library


For our existing clients, we offer free access to a comprehensive suite of Health & Safety documentation to support you across the full range of your appointments. Please call 0115 908 4999 for a username and password for full access.

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