Environmental Surveys


Similar to Health & Safety many appointments can involve sites where environmental issues can pose problems that a practitioner or receiver will have to manage.

As with H&S matters we are able to arrange specialist surveys that can provide confirmation of the issues which require attention. In addition a wide range of solutions can be made available including facilities management and risk transfer.



After The Event Insurance


This cover is often overlooked, but should never be undervalued. Put simply, an ATE policy will provide an indemnity against an opponent’s costs in an unsuccessful litigation. It can also cover disbursements and the premiums required to arrange such a policy. This is particularly useful for Insolvency Practitioners and Receivers in situations where they have a legal claim against a third party, but have no means with which to fund such an action.

If you would like more information or details of how to access this facility then please contact Mark Patching on 01245 396 455.





As part of our overall client service programme, we have designed an extensive training package to assist, train, develop and engage our client’s staff in the insurance provision process. It can be tailored to a client’s exact requirements but would normally contain the following:


  • Client/IRS introduction to the relationship and facility
  • Basic open cover content and processes
  • Pre appointment cover and claims
  • Added value products
  • Key topics such as vacant / unoccupied properties conditions and warranties
  • Unusual risks – Risk awareness / pitfalls / claims etc.


These are the most frequently requested topics, but we would be delighted to work with you in preparing any specific materials or training needs.